Banff Wedding Photographer – Paula and Joe

“We’re going to have a big bridal party”.  I have heard that one before and it usually means 4 or 5 people standing up on each side.  This was actually beyond “big”, 11 on each side for a total of 24 with the bride and groom.  This shattered by own personal best!  Paula is from Calgary but met Joe at school in the states and she wanted to follow through with her dream of getting married at “the castle”.  What a couple, what a day!

A huge thank you to Julianne Young (Weddings) for running this wedding.  Somehow she managed to actually get all the girls through make up on time and then kept the rest of the day on schedule, that’s saying a lot.  This wedding was really all about the guests, many of whom came up from the Philadelphia area.  Julianne and her team did an amazing job of making everyone feel at home.

Also a huge shout out to DJ Fayyaz to keeping the dance floor busy and giving me such great action to shoot and Amborella Floral Studio for all the great florals.  You can see their wedding film by the talented Parfait Productions here – Paul and Joe

On to the photos……

The view from the Queen Elizabeth Suite where the girls were getting ready.


Paula opening her gift from Joe.


Joe brought his own barber up from Philly.  The guys spent the morning in one of the rooms bs’ing and getting cleaned up.


Joe’s dad getting a photo of the guys.


Joe’s sister


Joe’s dad officiated the ceremony.


The evening was all about having a good time and it kicked off with an awesome entrance and first dance.


Later in the evening..  Father/Daughter and Mother/Son.  Paula’s mom and sister watching her dance with dad.


******* WARNING ********  If you like wedding dresses you might not want to view these next few.   This was a new one for me.  Paula had told me earlier that she was going to cut her dress and make it shorter.  I just assumed there was some sort of hem she was going to undo or something.  Nope, just scissors and a bit of alcohol 🙂


“You did what?!!!”



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