Heather Mountain Lodge Wedding – Jennifer and Keith

I had been to Heather Mountain Lodge in the past, mainly in the winter for ski touring trips and a few times in the summer for running photography workshops, but never for a wedding.  This quaint lodge is located about half ways between Golden and Rogers Pass and sits right on the boarder of the Selkirk and Purcell Mountain Ranges.  Jennifer and Keith were faced with a really challenging forecast, but stuck with an outside ceremony and luck was on their side as they managed to get through it before the rain started.  A huge thanks to Susan Bateman with Golden Dreams Weddings and Events for helping keep things organized.  Here are a few of my favourites.


golden-wedding-photographerBride’s and Bridesmaid’s dresses golden-wedding-photographergolden-wedding-photographergolden-wedding-photographergolden-wedding-photographergolden-wedding-photographergolden-wedding-photographergolden-wedding-photographergolden-wedding-photographerI love it when couples get to see each other before the ceremony, especially when the groom reacts like this!
golden-wedding-photographerIn my opinion this is what wedding photography is about.  Imagine showing this photo to your kids in 30 years and saying this is how dad reacted to seeing mom on her wedding day.
golden-wedding-photographergolden-wedding-photographergolden-wedding-photographerParents.golden-wedding-photographergolden-wedding-photographercanada-wedding-photographercanada-wedding-photographercanada-wedding-photographerGuests just moments before the ceremony.canada-wedding-photographercanada-wedding-photographercanada-wedding-photographercanada-wedding-photographercanada-wedding-photographercanada-wedding-photographerGrandma.canada-wedding-photographerFather / Son ????  Pretty sure.  🙂
canada-wedding-photographercanada-wedding-photographerThrowing lavender pedals probably sounded like a good idea in the planning stages. heather-mountain-lodge-weddingOne of my favourite wedding photos of the year.
heather-mountain-lodge-weddingheather-mountain-lodge-weddingheather-mountain-lodge-weddingheather-mountain-lodge-weddingheather-mountain-lodge-weddingheather-mountain-lodge-weddingheather-mountain-lodge-weddingIt really started coming down before dinner.
heather-mountain-lodge-weddingSome of the guest playing “Washers”.

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