Jasper Park Lodge Wedding, Jasper National Park, AB

Jasper Park Lodge Wedding, Jasper National Park, AB

Robin and Nikhil love the mountains and cycling, which are pretty much my two favourite non-human things on the planet, so I knew this couple would be a good match.  They wanted to incorporate Nikhil’s culture so they planned a traditional Vyahi Bhojan the night before, which basically means the grooms family hosts a meal.  So in other words there was going to be some awesome Indian food and lots of bright colors in a relaxed setting.  My kind of party.

The wedding day turned out to be cold and soggy, but it had tons of character as a result.  Robyn and Nikhil had enough experience in the mountains to know what to expect weather wise, and although they were disappointed that the views were blocked by the low cloud cover they didn’t let it change their attitude on the day.

The photos start on the Friday night at the Vyahi Bhojan party.  They had several “stations” set up like this Bangle bar and a Mehndi bar for the ladies.

mehndi photographerI started out with the guys in the morning and then spent some time with the girls.Love this shot of the guys.SistersAll floral arrangements were by www.bestbuds.caGrandma and the parents of the Groom.I liked the billowing effect on the dresses. Not sure if the girls liked the cold wind causing it though.Grandmas.jasper wedding photographerjasper park lodge wedding photographerWhy does soup poured from a water jug always taste so much better?

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